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Tri-Pod Pro 1

The Tri-Pod 1 and Tri-Pod 2 are for tri-athletes and other endurance riders that need quick access to energy bars etc but prefer a zippered closure to an open Tri-Box design. Both bags close securely with a YKK™ water-tight Uretek zipper to keep the elements and energy drink spills out of the bag. An interior pocket helps with organization. The center is reinforced with foam to protect your frame and the sides are backed up with truck tarp for strength and durability. Both attach with three point Bak2Bak hook and loop. The Tri-Pod 1 is the smaller of the two.

Colors: Black
Volume: 30 ci
Attachment: three point Bak2Bak
Dimensions: 6.5”x 1.5”x 3.75”
Weight: 2.0 oz