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A.T. Expandable Wedge

A.T. Expandable Wedge

The big boy. When you need more gear than will fit in a ”normal” wedge the A.T. Expandable is the way to go. Made of Cordura® and supported by an HDPE shell like the smaller A.T., you are guaranteed a stable, blowout free ride. The beauty of the A.T. Expandable is that extra room; just unzip the expansion sleeve and increase the volume by over 40%. That's enough space to shed extra clothing or pack 8 more energy bars (better bring lots of water).

Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Gray
Volume: 105/178 ci
Attachment: three point power hook and loop with quick release strap
Dimensions: 8”x 6”x 4”/6.5”
Weight: 6.6 oz