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Metro Rain Cover

Metro Rain Cover

Constructed of heat sealed rip stop nylon it slips over the bag shower cap style. A tension cord with a cord lock is located at the top of the bag and there is a grommeted drain hole in the bottom. Hot tip: tie the excess cord to the Metro’s handle to keep it out of your spokes and as a safety strap for the rain cover if you get hit by a gale force cross wind.
Fabric: Heat sealed 70 denier rip-stop nylon
Color: Black with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material Strips
Volume: Metro Pannier
Dimensions: 14”x 9.5”x 11.5” (Lite & Basket)/16”x 9”x 13” (Super)
Weight: 2.9 oz (Lite & Basket)/3.5 oz (Super)